Our mission

Improve your fitness and well-being

We know fitness is not one size fits all. So we develop proprietary software that learns and adjusts to the habits of each person as it delivers immersive content that guides them on their own individual fitness journey.

iFIT develops tech that is cutting-edge, keeping it accessible so anyone who wants to reach their fitness goals has the right tools to do it. Our vision is to create the world's most holistic health and fitness platform, integrating all elements of health - physical fitness, mental health, nutrition and active recovery - into a seamless interactive experience.

Proprietary software that motivates

Providing a unique, two-way user experience that keeps our growing community of over 6.4+ million members engaged is the motivation behind iFIT’s proprietary software. Our common operating system connects our content to our hardware and makes it one interactive platform. It lets our trainers remotely control iFIT equipment in real time to adjust conditions like speed, incline, resistance and digital weight during livestreamed classes. The result is an interactive, touchless workout experience nobody else can deliver.

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Experiential content that keeps members immersed

Trekking to Mt. Everest basecamp on a treadmill. Rowing the Thames on a rower. Cycling by Kyoto’s temples. These are just some of the iconic experiences our unique experiential content emulates. Interactive and multi-sensory, either live or on-demand, on your phone, tablet or TV app. Our interactive content is the most compelling in the industry, with productions shot on-location in over 50 countries and eight languages, with Emmy award-winning talent and directors.

And through our exclusive partnership with Google Maps™, users can take advantage of interactive experiences on routes they chart themselves, anywhere in the world.

In fiscal 2021, iFIT streamed over 141 million live and on-demand interactive workouts, led by a team of more than 180 expert trainers and health professionals who work to keep our content unique and engaging.

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Interactive hardware that connects

The iFIT experience can be found on the broadest range of connected fitness hardware in the industry: treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, climbers, strength equipment, interactive fitness mirrors, yoga equipment and accessories. iFIT hardware is intelligent, allowing it to interact with our software and experiential content, giving members an immersive experience found only with iFIT hardware. And iFIT hardware and technology are protected by over 400 active and pending patents.

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Tech that adjusts for a personalized experience

Our algorithms learn how members work out and use the information to deliver customized workouts and suggest future workouts.

  • SmartAdjustTM makes live updates to the intensity of a member's workouts, and alters them as they improve.
  • ActivePulseTM technology adjusts workout intensity based on the iFIT member’s live (or real-time) heart rate.
  • Our Leaderboard allows iFIT members to connect and compete in private or public competition, motivating members to reach their goals.