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Personal training stays home at CES 2021

Jan 15, 2021

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CNET covers the growing trend of at-home, tech-enabled, virtual personal training. The article mentions the NordicTrack Vault, iFIT ActivePulse and ProForm Vue as innovative products that are “changing the way we do personal training.” CNET highlights how the Vault pairs with iFIT for an immersive workout experience led by “highly qualified trainers from around the world.” CNET also mentions the 60-inch screen, which allows users to easily see their entire body and trainer’s body at the same time. iFIT ActivePulse is praised as being the solution for notoriously complicated heart-rate training — “ActivePulse does all the work for you,” CNET wrote. ProForm Vue is also included as a fully-equipped mirror that can stream iFIT workouts.